Find the courage
to finish it.

End repeating patterns, for good.
And get on with whatever
you came here to do.

Is this you?

You’ve been doing “the work” for years.

You’ve tried dozens of alternative modalities. It’s all been useful… but there’s still something that won’t shift.
You might even feel secretly ashamed that the same old themes are still showing up… as if maybe it’s your fault.

It’s hard to move forward when, after every fresh breakthrough, you wonder if the old story is really finished this time.
When you’re always looking over your shoulder, waiting for the rerun of the old episode.
When it seems like the inner work is never-ending.

It’s so frustrating, right? You just want to get on with it (whatever “it” is) but an old pattern keeps blocking you.
You’re bored with the story. Tired of talking about it. But it won’t leave you alone.

If you want to finish with old trauma, for good, you need to use the right tools for the job.
And you need to be brave. Because you’ve got to be ready.

Ready to stop feeling frustrated and start having faith in the future.
Ready to release all the stories about the bad things that’ve happened to you and take radical responsibility for the reality you’ve co-created.
Ready to stop fixing yourself and start simply living your life.

So… are you ready?

Ladies and gentlemen, lovers and friends… Let me introduce to you… Belinda Noakes, aka The Courage Coach. Since my early twenties I’ve worked with some wonderful counsellors, spiritual mentors and therapists. But nothing has compared to the effective and profound companionship I found in Belinda.

She walked with me through internal terrain I had never traveled before and from it, I got the gift that keeps on giving: a deep Sense of Self. This woman, this human, is showing up for Life and her soul/self with everything she’s got (and she’s got a lot); which, in turn, allows the blessings of her Presence to tumble over our heads in an endless cascade of golden-hearted service. All I have to say is… enjoy!

Annie M – Indiana, United States

Your soul’s love for you
is your perfect medicine.

What I do.


I help people recognise and finish with repetitive karmic patterns. I mostly work with people who know they’re here to help heal the heart of this planet – creatives, healing practitioners or new paradigm entrepreneurs.

Being human is tough. Many of us have experienced multiple lifetimes of abuse and persecution. We have post-traumatic stress stored in our cells and our energy fields.

But true healing requires that we stop feeling like victims. To really move on, we have to release all the stories about the horrors we’ve experienced.

Because the truth is: our souls co-created it all.

At the soul level, we chose to become powerless so we could experience reclaiming our power.

Once we acknowledge that choice, we can decide to live differently.

It’s time for us to complete and finish with the soul-level imprints, patterns and agreements that have shaped our lives. To do that, we have to shift modes and modalities. We need to move through the pain of the past, acknowledge what we learned from it and draw power from the wisdom we’ve gained. Then we can end the old contracts and move on, for good.

It’s inner work for people who’ve grown tired of retelling their old stories. I regularly have clients report they cleared as much in one session with me as they did in a year of conventional talking therapy.

Our planet needs us to help her heal, but first we have to make our own hearts whole. If we’re willing to acknowledge that we all share responsibility for the reality we’ve co-created here on earth, we can finish what we started. And get on with whatever we came here to do.

The work I facilitate can be profound. Sometimes even miraculous.
But you need to be brave. Expect to encounter some of your deepest, darkest fears.

That’s why I talk to everyone who’s considering working with me to make sure we’re right for each other.
If you’re interested in sessions with me, schedule a zero-pressure free initial consultation first.
I’d be honoured to support you, whatever way I can. Let’s talk.

Belinda has a unique quality of warmth and love that created a feeling of deep safety and trust in me right away.

More than that though, she has an incisive perception and ability to get to the heart of the matter so that I not only felt received in what I was sharing, but I felt she got a much bigger picture than I was able to convey through words.

I was able to do work with her in one session that would have taken a year with a traditional therapist, establishing trust and digging through the layers.

Over the course of 25 years, I have done intensive therapy and healing so I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to work with someone who has the skill and capacity to distill the essence of healing and transmutation in my process without my having to share a lot of the story.

Belinda is helping me to graduate into a whole new paradigm of what I have wanted my life to be.

Eden W – Ventura, United States

This is me.

from burned-out Microsoft executive

to Courage Coach

After a 15 year global career in the tech
industry, I realised I’d sold my soul to a corporate
I felt hollowed-out. Half-dead. Trying to recover, 
I spent years immersed in new age love & light before seeing  that one control system had simply replaced another. To unwind the old paradigms and step out of the matrix,
I’ve had to 
deprogram my mind, reconnect with
my heart and retrieve my soul.
It’s a grand, ongoing

Have you ever had the experience of meeting a person who is doing what seems to be exactly what they were “built” to do? If you have, you know it gives you a sense of peace and joy and limitless confidence in that person’s intentions and abilities.

Belinda is one of those people. Her work embodies her true self at the deepest level. She combines her knowledge and skill gained through honourable effort with her heart-based intuition and knowing. She pushes no agendas and acts from a space of pure heart, through living her purpose . . . thereby creating an incredibly safe and sacred container in which big energies can be moved and healed.

Through this space, she facilitated a massive opening for me that I was not previously able to move through any other modality. Weeks later, I am still feeling the massive effect this opening has had on every morsel of my life and how it will continue to flower. Thank you, Belinda, for sharing your gifts with the world.

Sarah W – Portland, United States


If you're wondering whether my work is right for you, let's talk. Send me a message and we can chat by phone or Zoom.

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grace under pressure

from ‘cor’ (Latin) – heart