What I Do


I help you go to the places that are too frightening to go on your own.

I have an intuitive ability to recognise deeply-held patterns. It’s a kind of X-ray vision. I can see past what’s happening on the surface of your life to the underlying karmic imprints and agreements.

Any residue from your soul’s journey through this universe is a karmic imprint. Until they’re healed, karmic imprints sit beneath our mental, physical, emotional and energetic bodies creating repeating patterns such as anxiety, disease or toxic relationships.

When you can see those unhelpful and self-destructive patterns clearly, you can learn the lessons your soul wants you to get from those experiences. You can heal the karmic wound, which ripples through all the other layers. Then you can stop the repetitive cycles and end the sources of suffering.

My areas of special expertise include:

– clearing ancestral karmic patterns
– healing trauma from abuse
– releasing deeply-held grief
– overcoming addictions
– recovering from corporate burnout
– rewriting matrix mind control programming
– facing fears around fully incarnating and embodying your soul

I want you to gain a deep, organic sense of your own power. Rather than create subtle dependence by ‘healing’ you, I want to help you become sovereign and independent of me. So I encourage you to regard your own soul as your primary healing practitioner. Because your own soul will always show you what’s ready to shift, if you’re paying attention.




Individual sessions are USD$250. I offer the following discounted packages:

6 sessions: USD$1000 

9 sessions: USD$1400

12 sessions: USD$1600

** I can offer additional discounts for people who are not working because they’re dealing with a serious illness. If that’s you, talk to me.




I work with you remotely via Zoom or phone. I live in Australia but I work with people around the world.

While you get to choose how many sessions you do and how quickly you complete them, I enjoy and get the best results working with people who are committed to creating deep, lasting change. That usually takes some time.

If we’re working with abuse trauma, I’ll usually need at least 6 sessions to dig down to the roots of multiple interlocking imprints and agreements.

I always talk to you before we decide to work together, to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. That’s why I offer 30 minute zero-pressure free initial consultations.



I call myself a Courage Courage because I’m not a healer. I want to help you learn how to heal yourself. 

I use a couple of different techniques and frameworks. I’m a certified Master Facilitator of The Compassion Key – a new clearing modality developed by Edward Mannix that uses the healing power of your own compassion to shift karmic patterns and imprints. I also sometimes use the closure framework developed by George Kavassilas, which is based on Universal Lore and helps us complete soul-level agreements and contracts.

When we heal a karmic wound that’s creating repetitive patterns while also completing the soul contract that’s creating the experiences, we can dissolve the old patterns for good.

I’m the only practitioner in the world combining these techniques in work with clients.

I encourage you to allow the possibility of miracles, while also paying close attention to the ripple effect of small changes. In my experience, tiny brave steps often carry more power than huge sudden shifts.

In terms of how a session might go for you… I have to be honest. I have no idea what will happen in a session before it starts. I simply don’t know what’s going to come up and how we’ll navigate it.

Because here’s the thing: this is soul work. Karmic healing is soul level healing. We’re dealing with the wounds that stop your soul’s light from fully expressing itself into the world, through you.

And karmic healing can be tricky because if you’ve not learned everything your soul wants you to learn from a particular experience, that pattern might not shift yet.

This kind of work is bigger than you and me. It runs to a schedule of its own. And this kind of work cannot be tightly controlled, measured and administered according to a specific, prescribed dosage.

We don’t have jurisdiction over the soul realm. I can’t promise specific results because your soul’s in charge of your healing, not me.

So I work within these constraints. I focus on helping you explore the lessons that a specific experience or pattern helped you learn. We clear residual trauma. Once you’ve extracted all the wisdom, we can complete the soul-level agreements and contracts that created the experience.