Is This You?

You’ve been doing “the work” for years.

You’ve tried dozens of alternative modalities. It’s all been useful… but there’s still something that won’t shift. You might even feel secretly ashamed that the same old themes are still showing up… as if maybe it’s your fault.

It’s hard to move forward when, after every fresh breakthrough, you wonder if the old story is really finished this time. When you’re always looking over your shoulder, waiting for the rerun of the old episode. When it seems like the inner work is never-ending.

It’s so frustrating, right? You just want to get on with it (whatever “it” is) but an old pattern keeps blocking you. You’re bored with the story. Tired of talking about it. But it won’t leave you alone.

If you want to finish with old trauma, for good, you need to use the right tools for the job. And you need to be brave.

This kind of work isn’t for everyone. Some people have no interest in feeling anything ‘negative’, preferring instead to focus only on the ‘positive’. If that’s working for you, great! If it’s not – if there are some things about your life you’d love to change – maybe you need to try an approach that embraces both the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ aspects of our human experience.

My work could be perfect for you, if you’re ready to:

  • take radical responsibility for your own healing
  • let go of old stories where you get to play the victim
  • dig beneath the surface issue to find the root
  • move through fast, deep emotional release
  • see some old suffering clearly and then let it go

Working with me probably isn’t right if you:

  • just want to find a healer who can ‘fix’ you
  • feel uncomfortable with being honest, vulnerable and raw
  • prefer to retell your stories than rewrite the endings
  • don’t want to feel any ’negative’ emotions because you’d rather focus on raising your vibration

I encourage you to tune into how the prospect of working with me feels. Because if we’re meant to work together, it’ll feel right for you.

And I’m not talking about big rushes of energy or other dramatic evidence of ‘destiny’ or ‘rightness’. I’m talking about a quiet expansion in your heart and a quiet conviction in your gut that tells you this is the right thing, at the right time.

I only work with people who get a clear ‘yes’. If I have to convince you to work with me, the sessions probably won’t feel good for you or me.