Unleash Your Energy

As a special promotion for the Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur interview series, I’m running a free online masterclass called Unleash Your Energy.

It’s a live group clearing session addressing some of the root causes of burnout, such as:

  • managing the boundaries between your ‘business’ and ‘personal’ lives
  • seeing the true value of your contribution
  • being willing to put yourself first
  • increasing your tolerance for risk

We’ll also cover some key burnout remedies such as:

  • recognising the symptoms of overwhelm
  • recovering from exhaustion

Wednesday 5th July
7:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm Pacific

As a group, we’ll take a series of tiny brave steps towards a work life that leaves more space for you. You’ll walk away from the Masterclass with practical tools you can use to stay productive while being kind to yourself.

And yes – there will be a recording.