What Clients Say


Our last session together was so helpful! I’ve had deep emotional shifts whenever you have worked with me. Your combination of skills, methods and compassionate presence have allowed me to gain insight into and release some old and very painful patterns. In our most recent session, though, the level of healing in my relationship with my brother was profound. Some of the lifelong tension between us has eased, especially in my own heart, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Kristine B – Livingston, United States


A much needed session, a huge freeing for the fettered parts, deep work, surprise at how deep as usual. At the beginning you don’t think you will get anywhere and then bam! So much uncovered in a flowing “given” way, such poignant words that cut through life long closeted pain. 

Nothing changes…… in that every session I have is one where everything changes! Belinda is able to really get where my energy is at, that my thinking mind is not even aware of, today was another revelation in a very good way, getting me right where the hurt is, and physically it takes my breath as the opening happens! These sessions are like food and air for a part of me that has been in an airless black space for a lifetime. 

Jane G – Midlands UK 


I am so grateful to Belinda! I had my first session today and she helped me to clear a huge load that I had been carrying for most of my life!! She is very gifted, patient, understanding and pays attention to details connecting you to issues that created major blockages in your life!! Thank you Belinda for your COMPASSION!!

Anonymous – Aliso Viejo, United States


WOW!!!! I have had 3 incredible sessions so far with Belinda and I’m speechless with how much we have covered in each session.

I have been working for years on several blockages but with Belinda, I have cleared them on a whole new level.

I cannot thank Belinda enough for her support, encouragement and wonderful technique to further me on my journey. I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths.

Noni P – Country NSW, Australia


Absolutely great sessions. I really appreciate Belinda’s wisdom, knowledge and her ability to connect on a heart level. She really focuses on the issue and helps on different levels and dimensions at the same time. She also knows how to transmit the information which, for a non English native speaker, is also important to truly understand the magnitude of her work.
Belinda is truly amazing. Thank you!!!

Manuel L – Alicante, Spain


Belinda is truly gifted. She provided a supportive environment for me to change. She saw right through my masks to show me gently and lovingly what unhelpful patterns I was running. I am recommending her to my friends and family, and I recommend her to you.

Claire H – Gold Coast, Australia


Belinda is such a loving, supportive, nurturing presence and guide throughout this amazing and – for me – profoundly life changing process. She created a safe and sacred space of truth and authenticity which enabled me to explore depths within myself which I previously had not dared to visit, let alone explore. With her loving guidance I was able to move mountains!!!! That is exactly how it feels weeks later, as I witness and feel the many positive changes rippling through all areas of my life. I truly could not have imagined achieving this deep level of change in such a way. It is all possible. I am here to say that if you feel even the slightest resonance with Belinda’s work then please gift this to yourself. With gratitude and great respect.

Suzie S – Terranora, Australia


I’ve been getting frustrated for a while with the personal development realm. It’s all felt a bit superficial and lacking in depth. I’ve known that was because I’ve been on a precipice, ready to take things to the next level. I’ve been waiting to see what and who would show up to facilitate that. Belinda’s work is most definitely the answer to my question. She’s here to heal the planet at a very deep level. This is about resolution, closure, completion. Goodbye to the patriarchy, goodbye to the forgetting, goodbye to the fissure in wholeness. A new era is upon us. Belinda is shepherding it in.

Samantha N-S – Canberra, Australia


Belinda is an extremely good listener. She can feel and see what’s going on inside you. She helped me unblock what I wasn’t able to touch myself. THANK YOU, Belinda for touching me with your light!

Monique Z – Zurich, Switzerland


Belinda had such a calming and soothing manner that I immediately felt at ease and safe which is so important for this kind of work. I had previously worked with other therapists and did not experience this safe feeling at all. I had been doing a lot of similar healing work, but I was blown away at how powerful the session was and how I was able to achieve so much in just one session. Since the session I have had so much clarity around my issues and how to move forward in my life with ease and joy following my life’s purpose.

Melissa Z – Woolongong, Australia


You are so inspirational and gorgeous in and out Belinda, I loved working with you, learning to love myself again and how to deal with life in general. You’re one of the wisest super cool chicks I know.

Linda S – Sydney, Australia


I have been working on healing past trauma for over 6 years. Whilst I felt I had come far and knew myself well, after one session with Belinda last week, I was blown away. Not only did I discover new things from a deep soul level that hadn’t dawned on me before, the session was filled with compassion towards myself in ways I had never experienced before. I have my next session today and can’t wait to delve deeper into this process. I am so ready to break free of the chains that have been holding me back and feel Belinda is the perfect coach for this powerful new chapter.

Lennita M – Gold Coast, Australia


Belinda has a unique quality of warmth and love that created a feeling of deep safety and trust in me right away. More than that though, she has an incisive perception and ability to get to the heart of the matter so that I not only felt received in what I was sharing, but I felt that she got a much bigger picture than I was able to convey through words. I accomplished a tremendous amount in just one session. I was able to do work with her in one session that would have taken a year with a traditional therapist, establishing trust and digging through the layers. Over the course of 25 years, I have done intensive therapy and healing so I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to work with someone who has the skill and capacity to distill the essence of healing and transmutation in my process without my having to share a lot of the story. Belinda is helping me to graduate into a whole new paradigm of what I have wanted my life to be.

Eden W – Ventura, United States


My sessions with Belinda were way beyond expectations. She is intuitive, perceptive, very caring and brilliant in her application of the Compassionate Closure process. She is able to subtly dig very deep to reveal and help release old programs. I recommend her unconditionally.

Patty F – Northern NSW, Australia


Have you ever had the experience of meeting a person who is doing what seems to be exactly what they were “built” to do? If you have, you know it gives you a sense of peace and joy and limitless confidence in that person’s intentions and abilities. Belinda is one of those people. Her work embodies her true self at the deepest level. She combines her knowledge and skill gained through honourable effort with her heart-based intuition and knowing. She pushes no agendas and acts from a space of pure heart, through living her purpose . . . thereby creating an incredibly safe and sacred container in which big energies can be moved and healed. Through this space, she facilitated a huge opening for me that I was not previously able to move through any other modality. Weeks later, I am still feeling the massive effect this opening has had on every morsel of my life and how it will continue to flower. Thank you, Belinda, for sharing your gifts with the world.

Sarah Wilson – Portland, United States


Ladies and gentlemen, lovers and friends… Let me introduce to you… Belinda Noakes, aka The Courage Coach. Since my early twenties I’ve worked with some wonderful counsellors, spiritual mentors and therapists. But nothing has compared to the effective and profound companionship I found in Belinda. She walked with me through internal terrain I had never traveled before and from it, I got the gift that keeps on giving: a deep Sense of Self. This woman, this human, is showing up for Life and her soul/self with everything she’s got (and she’s got a lot); which, in turn, allows the blessings of her Presence to tumble over our heads in an endless cascade of golden-hearted service. All I have to say is… enjoy!

Annie M – Portland, United States