The tinybrave header shows a photo of a little red creature in front of my laptop. The creature is a bravebot, created by a guy called Gary Hirsch. On the final day of WDS 2014, he gave all 2800 attendees unique bravebots he’d hand painted over the past year. (I’m not sure exactly what else he got done in the last 12 months, but that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment for someone who also has a day job working to help businesses do better using improvisation!)

Gary also asked us a question/issued a challenge – what’s one brave thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet? You can read the full story of the “one brave thing” project on Gary’s site and even order your own bravebot if you want.

It seems like Gary is onto something here, because that day I made a public commitment on instagram to start writing. 

So Gary’s big heart and the bravebot are responsible for tinybrave. Thankyou Gary – I wouldn’t have done this without you.