I have a weird relationship with fear. It’s been my constant companion for over 40 years. If I was a fish, fear would be my water. I’ve been swimming in it all my life. 

But the reality is that I avoid feeling fear, naming it or even acknowledging it. For me, avoidance of fear has been unconscious, instinctual and compulsive. For now, I won’t go into why. What I will say is that it’s time for the avoidance to stop. And this blog is one of my tools for stopping it… an ongoing and very public declaration of intent.

I intend to live bravely. I intend to be courageous. I intend to make at least one gutsy decision every day and after that (with a deep breath) let go of the incessant struggle to control life. 

While I’m hellbent on living courageously, I’m also done with scaring the shit out of myself by setting impossible goals and then freezing in the face of (potential) failure. So I’m making tiny changes. Starting this blog is enough – I’m not declaring a publication schedule or holding any agenda for where this might go. It’s simply a place for me to show up and do what scares me most of all… find my voice and speak about some of the stuff I usually keep hidden inside my head.

This blog is dedicated to Chris Guillebeau and to the staff, speakers and attendees of the World Domination Summit 2014 – because starting to write was the commitment I made on the final day. Over the next few weeks I’ll explore a few themes from WDS that really touched my heart, such as the real purpose of doing business, the importance of making good choices and the magical power  of an invisible superhero cape. Right now, I’m signing off with a grateful heart. And if you’ve made it this far, thank you for being here.