use fear as fuel for life

Are we descending into chaos?

The world seems totally messed up right now. Potty-bonkers crazy. More-than-usually insane. 

So how on earth do we respond, as the world goes mad?

Here’s one story you can believe: 

Everything’s falling apart. We are doomed and I’m completely powerless to change that. All I can do is stop watching the news, keep my vibe high and trust that something or someone will save us.

Notice how that story feels, in your body.

It’s totally normal to feel scared as an old reality cracks, crumbles and peels away. But freezing in the face of fear is a choice… one that steals all our power and leaves us at the mercy of whatever’s coming next.  

 Do we rise to this challenge?

 Letting fear win means we’ll miss a chance to recreate the world we share. And that would be a shame, because this great disruption is creating huge opportunities for positive change. Of course, it’s also triggering every ancient fear we’ve not yet faced…

So again, we have a choice. Fear can be a portal to power and fuel for life. Fear can bring the world we want to create together into focus – if we’re willing to stop and acknowledge what frightens us most.

Here’s a different story for you:

I’m strong from the inside out. Bigger than this. Powerful beyond measure. I can handle whatever comes next. And I can choose life, even in the midst of chaos.

That’s what courage in the face of fear sounds like.

Notice how different that story feels.

If you can stand strong, with that feeling as your guide, you can navigate your way through this transition… and a different future becomes possible, for everyone.

Hello – I’m Belinda

I used to be scared of everything, all the time. Desperately seeking the illusion of security, I locked myself inside a self-created corporate cage that almost killed me.

Then I chose a different kind of life – learning how to live with courage, even when I get scared. I don’t have it nailed and I still freeze sometimes, but I melt more gracefully now.

I’m learning to use fear – which was my personal kryptonite – as fuel for life. Everything I’ve seen, done and learned helps me support super-sensitive souls to be better humans and do impossible things.

Read more of my personal story here…

What clients say

I’ve had deep emotional shifts whenever you have worked with me. In our most recent session, though, the healing in my relationship with my brother was profound. Some of the lifelong tension between us has eased, especially in my own heart, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Kristine B – Livingston, United States

Our last session was such a gift to me, I really didn’t want to go there but a huge shift took place. And this feeling is still with me. It’s giving me strength to face my challenges, and that has made the difference from having to lay down in defeat to growing! Thank you for being with me in my big change. 

 Jane G – Midlands, United Kingdom

Belinda has an incisive perception and ability to get to the heart of the matter. I did work with her in one session that would have taken a year with a traditional therapist, establishing trust and digging through the layers. She’s helping me graduate into a whole new paradigm of life.

Eden W – Ventura, United States

What future do you choose?

What scares you most – the virus itself, or the remedies presented to us? Losing your job/business next week, or economic collapse as the new normal? Actually feeling the bone-deep chill of terror and the hot rush of shame, or choosing transhumanism at the expense of what keeps us connected to our body, heart and soul? 

These are difficult times, especially for super-sensitive humans. I know you want to be brave. I do too. Courage is always a choice, even when it doesn’t seem possible.

We can get through this if we’re willing to start creating a new future, instead of overreacting to the present or staying frozen in the pain of the past. It’s possible to rewire your nervous system, identify what you’re really feeling and what you really want… and learn to act on that.

Then you can embrace life on this planet, in all its crazed glory. If you’d like some support, let’s talk.

This is our last dance.
This is ourselves – under pressure.

courage = grace under pressure
Ernest Hemingway

courage derives from the Latin cor, which means heart