Private Sessions

I work with people who know they’re here to help create deep, lasting transformation on this planet – and who understand that to heal collective trauma, we have to start with our own. Creating this kind of change takes time, but I’m proof that it’s possible.

Pattern recognition is one of my superpowers. I have a kind of X-ray vision, which helps me ‘see’ the karmic templates that lie beneath the surface of your life. The templates – formed by genetic memories and trauma imprints – create those unhelpful, stubborn patterns that repeat over and over again.

The good news is: your own soul’s love is your perfect medicine. It’s more powerful than any trauma, programming or wounding. That’s why my sessions usually include soul integration work, to reconnect you with the transformative power of your soul’s love and reconcile with lost soul fragments.

My areas of special expertise include:

  •  addressing ‘incarnational’ trauma (ie. I don’t want to be human/here)
  •  healing wounds from childhood abuse
  •  clearing ancestral/genetic memories
  •  shifting pre-natal and birth trauma
  •  releasing deeply-held grief
  •  overcoming addictions
  •  rewriting matrix mind control programming
  •  facing fears around fully embodying your soul
  •  locating and integrating lost or rejected soul fragments

I do my best to avoid re-traumatising people. That said, this is inner work for people who are willing to go through the yucky stuff in order to heal it. There may be tears and short-lived physical discomfort as part of the releasing process.



I’ve updated my pricing and session structure for the start of 2021 to make 1:1 sessions more accessible for anyone affected by COVID or the global response. So until February, I’m charging a flat hourly rate in Australian dollars (AUD$160). You can book 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

NOTE: If we’ve never worked together before, please book at least 60 minutes for your first session.




If you’re not sure what you need, book a free intro chat.


 I call myself a Courage Coach because I’m not a healer. I want to help you learn how to heal yourself. 

I’m a certified Master Facilitator of The Compassion Key – a clearing modality developed by Edward Mannix that uses the healing power of your own compassion to shift karmic patterns. We use your compassion – directed inwards towards wounded parts of yourself – to dissolve traumatic imprints.

The results can be dramatic. Some clients have miraculous breakthroughs in their first session. Others need to work over a long period of time, removing one layer of trauma and then resting for a while. It depends how much of this type of work you’ve done before, as well as what kind of trauma we’re addressing.

I encourage you to allow the possibility of miracles, while also paying close attention to the ripple effect of small changes. In my experience, tiny brave steps often carry more power than huge sudden shifts.

In terms of how a session might go for you… I have to be honest. I have no idea what will happen in a session before it starts. I simply don’t know what’s going to come up and how we’ll navigate it.

Because here’s the thing: this is soul work. Karmic healing is soul level healing. We’re dealing with the wounds that stop your soul’s light from fully expressing itself into the world, through you.

This kind of work is bigger than you and me. It runs to a schedule of its own. And this kind of work cannot be tightly controlled, measured and administered according to a specific, prescribed dosage.

We don’t have jurisdiction over the soul realm. I can’t promise specific results because your soul’s in charge of your healing, not me. So I work within these constraints. I focus on helping you identify the conclusions you drew from specific experiences and clearing any residual trauma,  so there’s nothing holding that old pattern in place any more.