Group Calls


Group clearing calls are not currently running. If you’d like to join the free webinars I’m offering in December on how to navigate life as a Super Sensitive human, I’d love to see you there.

Why am I running the TinyBrave Adventure webinars?

Because we need each other right now.

We’re the Super Sensitive humans. We’re also the space holders. The frequency anchors. The love carriers.

It’s our job to secure and embed specific frequencies in/on/around this planet, at this point in human history. This is part of why we came. And this is our time to shine.

It’s a weird job. For starters, because it doesn’t always seem like an actual job. “Surely I should be doing more?” we wonder. “That can’t be it? There must be something else I’m supposed to DO?!”

Maybe. Maybe not.

However we show up in 3D reality, parts of us are playing a completely different game. We are the carriers of a consciousness virus that counterbalances the forces who would like to continue using fear to control this planet.

We each carry our own ‘strain’ of the virus – specific energies that are part of our soul’s unique blueprint. I call mine joy. You probably have a different name for yours (or maybe you don’t have a name for it yet).

We’re all unique, but together we work to destabilise the whole matrix control system – simply by being here.

I’ve heard us called other things. Empaths. Highly sensitive people. Starseeds. Lightworkers. High frequency beings. Most of those labels come with a shitload of spiritual baggage. I’m especially wary of anything that implies a hierarchy – some kind of invisible framework for rating and ranking spiritual accomplishment or worth.

Given my personal history, I’m hyper-aware of the traps waiting for my spiritual ego in identifying with any of it… in believing I’m more “special” than others because I have this super-important job. So I don’t believe that.

But while space holders and frequency anchors may not be more “special” than any other beings, we definitely have “special needs”. Most of us are empathic to the extent that it’s crippling, until we learn to manage it. If we’ve incarnated on this planet multiple times, we usually have a fairly well-developed karmic relationship with persecution. It’s hard to feel safe here. We can easily feel lonely or isolated… and the current climate of fear and uncertainty heightens that risk.

That’s why I’m doing these webinars AND why I’ve started an online support group for us on Facebook. Because to do our job well, we need to take care of each other. That includes helping each other keep our human containers as strong as possible so more of our soul’s signature frequency can shine through us, onto and into this planet we love so fiercely.

I can help facilitate that. I don’t have all the answers or all the tools we need. I can’t wave a magic wand and make all the pain of being human go away.

What I can do is open a safe space, hold a solid boundary and show up as a multidimensional being who’s trying to be a good human.

I’m willing to share a few tricks I’ve learned along the way that help me continue to be here, in a human body, at a time when that often feels intolerable. We’ll probably weep together as we move through some old gunk. But because joy is such a big part of my soul’s signature frequency, we’ll laugh too.

Although I’m curious to see how sharing, learning and healing as a group can amplify our individual power to destablise and loosen the grip of matrix control programs (so serious! so noble! such a worthy purpose!) I also just want to hang out with some soul family. Because I want to learn what tricks you’ve got (and I know you’ve got a lot).

Call it an experiment in amplifying the consciousness viruses of joy, laughter and play in a world that desperately needs the medicine we offer.