Living tinybrave

whitespace_100x20If you’ve made it to here, it might be because you see something of your own story in mine. Maybe you:

  • encountered something shocking early in life and left your body to cope
  • experienced grief that you didn’t know how to deal with
  • spent years in a situation that didn’t really work for you, but struggled to leave
  • learned to succeed in a business environment that felt like a battlefield and later – when you wanted to stop – you struggled to end the war
  • recognize some of the characteristics of spiritual bypassing and spirit addiction

Some kind of health or personal crisis might be pushing you to adopt a radically different approach to life. Perhaps you’ve done a lot of counselling or other inner work but there are still some sticky patterns that won’t shift. Maybe you’re ready to dig deeper.

Imagine if you could craft a new way of living, one built on small changes and courageous decisions. A life where:

  • you’re comfortable hearing, facing and befriending the voice of fear and all its children
  • you have techniques you can take with you and use by yourself, to clear your own field quickly and in real time, as life happens
  • your heart is open and on fire with love for yourself and our planet

A tinybrave Life

This is the path I choose. I call it a tinybrave life. For me, moving to this way of living required four major commitments:


Choose love over fear. Decide to be brave. Decide to be here.


Make the first tinybrave move. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself and with the world. Drop the story. How do you actually feel?


Find, face, feel and befriend all the fear and rage and grief and shame you’ve buried and pushed away.


Find the courage to open your heart and set it on fire.

Sticking to these commitments is not easy. I re-commit to them every day… most days more than once. I’m often terrified by my own shadow – the dark parts of me I’ve tried to ignore. I expect to encounter obstacles. I’ve had to learn how to hold my ground.

If you’re interested in creating more space for courage in your life, you’ll long to make the same commitments. You’ll want to learn some simple tools and practice using them. You’ll feel ready to shift the deepest, stickiest patterns that no longer serve you.

You can absolutely do this on your own… and it can be hard work. If you need support, I have some tools that might be useful.

I’m not suggesting I can do this for you. I’m not promising a neat end-to-end process with a finish point, after which you’re completely cleared and healed. I haven’t eradicated my shadow or attained enlightenment. I’m not claiming to be a medical doctor or a spiritual teacher. Simply staying connected to my body is the hardest thing I attempt on a day-by-day, minute-by-minute basis.

But I’ve been down into my own darkness and I have some wisdom born from direct experience. I will never presume to know what you need better than your own Soul does… and it’s possible that She brought you here. So here’s what I have to offer.

This Is Who I Am

I am a woman who lived for years in black and white, who finally made the decision to invite colour into my world. I am a woman who’s dedicated several years and my life’s savings to my own healing journey. I am a woman who’s constantly facilitating my own radical transformation using the simplest, fastest and most powerful clearing tools I’ve found.

Version 2

I am a woman who’s ready to share what I’ve learned about myself, about life and death and about living – embodied and ensouled – as a human being.

A tinybrave life is built on a thousand tinybrave moves… and it begins with one. What’s yours?

If you’d like some support, I’d love to hear from you or work with you.