Hey, neighbour. 


Even before the craziness of the past 18 months… when compared to Queensland and the rest of Australia, the Wide Bay region – including Bundaberg, North Burnett and the Fraser Coast – consistently reported poor health outcomes along with high levels of addiction, family and domestic violence, sexual abuse and welfare dependency. In short – many people around here are doing it tough.

I was born in Bundaberg. My father was born in Childers. He’s descended from the first men who grew cane in the Isis Scrub. Until I was 3 years old, my family lived on a farm at Eureka. My grandparents (on both sides) lived at Woodgate all through my childhood.

Even though I didn’t live locally for 45 years, red dirt and sugar cane is the landscape that feels like home. Family brought me back to live here in 2018 and I love it.

Although I work with clients across the world, I want to support my local community too. The tools I use can help heal the kind of intergenerational trauma many residents of this area know too well (plus they’re also pretty effective for handling stressful life transitions).

That’s why I offer local discounts. So if you’re from around here and you want to take some tiny brave steps in a new direction but need a hand getting started, please send me a message or just book using one of these coupon codes. 

25% off single sessions – use coupon code LOCAL25
50% off single sessions – use coupon code LOCAL50

25% off 6 pack upfront – use coupon code WIDEBAY25
50% off 6 pack upfront – use coupon code WIDEBAY50

If you’re not sure whether you qualify for a discount, this might help:

  • you’ve got a well paid job and your employment is secure – consider paying full price
  • your job is not well paid or you’re dealing with a major life event that affects your finances (eg. divorce) – consider using the 25% discount codes
  • you’ve recently had an extended period out of work, you’re dealing with a serious health issue that affects your ability to work or you’re on Centrelink benefits – consider using the 50% discount codes

But the bottom line is: you decide how much discount you need. Whatever you choose, I’d love to support you.

PS. Even if you’re local, we’ll generally do sessions online via Zoom because it’s more convenient for you and me. If you’d prefer to do sessions by phone or in person, please let me know.