This I Believe

whitespace_100x20The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.
It’s time to declare that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.
The ‘normal’ way of working and thinking and relating is insane… and it’s killing us.


Our ability to ignore and suppress trauma prevents us from really seeing and feeling what we’re doing to ourselves and to our planet. Seeing the inner and outer worlds we’ve created clearly – moving beyond denial – is what many of us fear most of all, because then we’d have to feel the horror of what we’re doing to ourselves and to animals and to Mother Earth. And it’s worse than any nightmare we could dream.


If we decide we’re willing to feel it all, our human body becomes the gateway to our divinity and we can reconnect with who we really are. Our Soul becomes the anchor for our personal experience of the divine. And we can begin to recreate our world in the image of our best aspects, instead of our worst fears.

To make that our new reality, we have some choices to make. We must choose love over fear, every minute of every day. We must decide to be brave. We must decide to be here… and the first step is to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves about how we feel. So then we’ll encounter the yucky stuff – all the fear and rage and grief and shame we’ve buried and pushed away. We must decide to find, face, feel and befriend all of it.


We can do this, because inside our own heart lies the most powerful healing force we’ll ever encounter… compassion. When we focus loving compassion inwardly – when we learn to hold all the dark and broken parts of ourselves in a loving embrace – we transform those parts. And every healing creates more clear space for our Soul to shine through.

tinybrave is a call to action. It’s time for us to turn and face our own darkness, so we can fully express our magnificent light. If we’re serious about creating peace in our world, it’s time for us to stop the war inside. We need to learn how to lead with compassion.

So – are you ready to make the decision? Is it time to let go of the stories you’ve used to distract yourself from pain? Are you happy to be with what’s really here? Can you be brave enough to look into the shadows? Are you willing to make loving compassion your first response when you encounter suffering – especially when it’s inside you?


Our planet needs us to love each other. To do that, we have to learn to love ourselves from the inside out. If you’re not sure how to start, I can support you.