After a few years out of the world of work, I’m stepping back in. I’ve transformed myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My most recent posts chronicle some of my journey back to vitality. Now I’m ready to start sharing what I’ve learned so far.

So… what am I ready to share? 1:1 alchemy sessions.

Before I expand on those, let me tell you a tiny bit about how I got here. I’ve been on a wild ride through complementary medicine, spiritual healing, Eastern and Western mysticism, encounters with the divine feminine and more than a little bit of ungrounded, narcissistic New Age bullshit. In truth, it’s all been useful. I’ve emerged with many illusions shattered and my Soul restored. And along the way, I’ve gained the most from the unflinching (and ongoing) examination of my inner world, including the gritty reality of how strongly I’d resisted living in my body.

Paradoxically, it’s the deepest shadow work that has left me feeling more grounded and content than ever. What I’ve released has become fertiliser for a new life. And now, I can light a path through the darkest terrain of your inner landscape. Together, we can illuminate the shadowy parts of yourself that you’ve denied: the doubt and unworthiness. The fear. The hurt caused to others. The self-betrayal. The grief. The shame. I can guide you to hold those dark parts of yourself with compassion, using a range of tools and techniques to help you find, face, feel, befriend and forgive your demons.

As a practical example of this thing I’m calling shadow, many of us need to rebalance the feminine and masculine parts of ourselves. Once we welcome in new feminine and masculine frequencies, we must learn to centre, ground, balance, direct and focus those energies. Because we’ve all (both women and men) been taught to suppress the healthy feminine and glorify a distorted version of masculinity – one which destroys life instead of supports it.

I know this, because I spent 10 years working for a huge multinational corporation where winner-takes-all competition was rewarded and a desire to collaborate was often seen as weakness. That way of working is so radically different from my natural strengths and talents that it (literally) almost killed me. It took me a while to realise the world I’d created was simply an external reflection of my internal conflict: I wasn’t sure I actually wanted to live as a woman in this world and I had lost my Soul. Five years ago, I wore dark suits to work under fluorescent lights in a big city, having conversations with people I often didn’t really like about how to make more money for a handful of people who were already obscenely wealthy. Now I’ve created a life where I stand in nature and inhale sunshine every day, dance my ass off on a regular basis and intend to love my world into better shape than I found it.

I had to take five years out to restore balance… but it doesn’t need to take that long. And it better not, because our world is burning while we hesitate. It’s time for us to get real and the first place we need to do that is within ourselves. If we have any intention or aspiration to be of service to our world, we’ve gotta do our ‘homework’. In other words, we must face the dragons within us before we can be truly effective in addressing the external challenges that threaten our survival and the future of our planet. I realise that might sound a bit daunting… but actually, my sessions are more like play than hard work. We’ll shift energy, change frequencies and alter cellular structures.

So how do you know if this work is for you? Well… you know that moment when you realise there’s a pattern in your life? Something that keeps repeating… and it’s not fun, or positive, or healthy… and you realise you have no control over it? Like maybe you keep attracting relationships where the other person seems loving at first, but then after a while you realise they’re actually being mean to you… but you don’t leave them right away? Or your boss regularly triggers you into a red hot rage but instead of speaking up, you choke that rage down into your belly… like you always did, when you were a kid? Or maybe you’ve got a secret desire to do something more creative and fulfilling but every time you think about it you get overwhelmed by doubt and end up sitting on the couch with a bottle of wine and a block of chocolate watching Revenge? There’s something going on beneath the surface… something your subconscious is driving.

I can help you shift it. Although I use tools like guided visualisation and the work often results in profound physical and emotional healing, I choose to call it alchemy – because it actually transforms and transmutes the dark into light. And all that dark and heavy emotional stuff we so often try to avoid feeling because it seems so… yucky? It’s actually our greatest source of power. If we’re willing to encounter it fully, our shadow is nothing less than the gateway to our Soul – to a direct, embodied experience of our own divinity.

Let’s be very clear about something: if you’re looking for a fast track to bliss, I’m not your ideal practitioner. Don’t get me wrong – I‘m not serious all the time. If it’s called for, sessions with me can get kind of hilarious. And sometimes, you might even feel fairly blissed-out by the time we’re done. But I’d mostly prefer that you leave with a more contented and grounded form of joy, simply because it’s more sustainable… and because a complete life is not just filled with bliss: it contains both light and shadow, fully acknowledged and honoured for their important contributions to wholeness.

And another thing – I’m not interested in persuading anyone. I will not dance along that blurry line where marketing meets manipulation. I have complete respect for your Soul’s plan for you and if working with me is the right thing, you’ll know. Reading this might have made you want to cry or it might have made you want to crap your pants in terror. Any strong emotional response might be your Soul tapping you on the shoulder, whispering “It’s time. You’re ready.”

But don’t take my word for it, because only you can know. So ask yourself – is this the right thing for me? Is this the right time? And your Soul will find a way to give you an answer.

I’ve been learning and refining this work intensively for a number of years. Now I’m looking for a few brave beings who are willing to get real with me and explore whatever comes up. For a little while, I’m offering an introductory rate – USD$110 for 90 minutes – either in person at my home on the Gold Coast in Australia or via Skype.

If you know someone else who might be interested, please send them a link here. If you’re feeling a great big YES … hurray! If you’ve got questions, excellent! Please get in touch and we’ll find a time to connect.

And whether we work together in the future or not, I send you love.

Find the courage to open your heart and set it on fire.